A sign for the camptown of show low.

Camptown is located in the Beautiful Arizona White Mountains

A small town with a flag flying at half mast.

It's All Here!!!

A wooden house with steps leading to the front door.

Fresh Air & Mountain Charm

A wooden bench in the middle of a park.

It's All Here!!!

A wooden bridge over water with trees in the background.

we love it here !!!

A home with green trim and white walls.

welcome home.....

Best Mobile Home Park on the Mountain

Your always welcome to stop by anytime!

Most Relaxing & Peaceful Mobile Home Park In Az

CAMPTOWN OF SHOW LOW is home to the most relaxing and peaceful mobile home park in Arizona. We ensure that you have a wonderful time along with family and friends as you spend your time in our Park. We are open all year long and are located in White Mountains of Show Low, AZ.

A snowy street with trees and power lines.

Fresh Air & Mountain Charm

A large deer standing in the middle of a forest.

Apache Sitgreaves National Forest

A person fishing in the water with a rod and reel.

48 Local Area Fishing Lakes